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Impact Management Glossary

Impact management brings together different communities of practice who have not until now intersected often enough to develop a fully shared lexicon. As a result, today many terms being used mean different things to different people, or different terms are used to describe the same thing. The Impact Management Glossary strives to reduce this confusion by pointing out what the term means when defined according to a certain community of practice or point of view. Providers and recipients of investment capital, those who evaluate social and environmental performance or impact and the interested public can all make use of this glossary.

Impact Convergence

At IMPCON, participants worked together to develop an action agenda that advanced the state of the art of impact measurement. Since the convergence, the agenda has been advanced by Social Value US, the American Evaluation Association's Social Impact Measurement Topical Interest Group, and our members and collaborators. If you or your organization would like to be involved in this ongoing work, contact us here.

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